Visit These Pet Stores in Kingstowne With Fido

a puppy in a shopping cart

Do you have a furry companion?

If so, head to one of these locally owned stores near our pet-friendly Kingstowne apartments where you’ll find some of the best products in town:

Felix & Oscar

When Steve and Diana’s cat began suffering from kidney disease, they were told to focus on higher quality foods. That’s how they became passionate about all-natural pet nutrition. Steve and Diana extensively researched and opened Felix & Oscar to share their newfound knowledge with others. They treat customers like family and invite friendly canines to come and explore the aisles. Along with the food, other items include kitty litter, no-hide salmon chews, and grooming foam. 

The store also hosts a range of monthly events, including DC Paws Adoptions and All About Dogs: Ask the Trainer. Felix & Oscar is just a 7-minute drive away!

Pet Sage

Pet Stage, located 14-minutes away, offers a “new wisdom in pet care.” It features an array of holistic products, and while the staff can’t diagnose or treat illnesses, they can help customers understand the healthful options. Founder, Terri Grow, brings a distinctive combination of experience and knowledge to the industry. She writes on pet welfare and is a go-to professional in respected holistic feline health circles. The varied selection includes kibble, training treats, and comfortable beds. 

Throughout the year, Pet Sage also offers health and wellbeing seminars. They focus on everything from nutrition to helpful first aid tips. 

Nature’s Nibbles

Nature’s Nibbles began from humble beginnings in the home of Chris and Anne Gabriel. Originally a delivery service, it became a brick and mortar location over margaritas at Taqueria Poblano. The shop is a local favorite, and it offers high-quality, eco-friendly products for cats and dogs, as well as humans, too. The selection includes canned food, Old Mother Hubbard, and all-natural supplements. Nature’s Nibbles is a 20-minute drive away.

These are just a few of the locally owned stores near our apartments in Kingstowne, VA. If you’re searching for a place to call home, please contact us. We’d love for you to see firsthand all that our vibrant community has to offer. 

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