Stroll Through The United States Botanic Garden

botanic garden

Just a 26-minute drive from our Kingstowne apartments is a living plant museum that’s rich in tradition.

We’re talking about the United States Botanic Garden, and it was established by Congress in 1820.

It’s one of the country’s oldest botanic gardens, and over 1.2 million people visit every year. 

Highlights include:


Built in 1933, the conservatory features two courtyard gardens and ten garden rooms under glass. Guests are captivated by the sights and smells, and they see everything from graceful flowers to towering leaves. Don’t miss seeing the conservatory’s impressive orchid collection. It features approximately 5,000 specimens, and hundreds are on display at one time. 

National Garden

Take a stroll through the National Garden. It’s one of the newer areas and was inspired by the environments of the Mid-Atlantic region. The plants provide food and shelter for an array of birds including hairy woodpeckers. These medium-sized birds feature square heads and long chisel-like bills. They’re black and white, and males are identified by the small red patch on the back of their heads. 

Bartholdi Park 

A part of the Botanic Garden since 1932, Bartholdi Park highlights innovative plant combinations. It’s a favorite secret garden among many Washingtonians, and a thirty-foot tall fountain proudly stands in the center. 

Gardens Across America (on display through October 1)

Explore Gardens Across America to see dozens of gardens from throughout the United States. They feature both rare and endangered species and highlight the diversity found in the country’s plant kingdom. 

The Botanic Garden is open daily, and admission is free. The hours vary by season, and there’s always something new to see. 

The United States Botanic Garden is just one of the premier attractions near our apartments in Alexandria, VA. If you would like to become a resident of our community, please contact us. We will gladly arrange a tour.

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