Sample Tasty Treats at These Ice Cream Shops in Kingstowne

three waffle cones filled with ice cream | ice cream shops in Kingstowne

Alexandria is a haven for sweets lovers, and summertime is the perfect season to enjoy all the ice cream this town has to offer! Whether you’ve had a long day at work or you’ve worked up a sweat on the water, ice cream is always the answer. Here are the top ice cream shops just minutes from our apartments in Kingstowne, VA

Casa Rosada Artisanal Gelato

This gem is a family owned operation bringing an authentic Argentine dessert experience to the area. Casa Rosada is literally in a pink house in Old Town and has been serving up a wide variety of gelato for almost ten years. The menu boasts approximately twenty rotating flavors. Sample amazing tastes from Apple Cinnamon to Yerba Mate. What’s more, Casa Rosada also has vegan and sugar-free options available. 

Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Co.

A long-standing staple in Alexandria, Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Co. has been serving up delicious treats since the 1940’s. That’s when Ray “Pop” Giovanni began his career serving desserts in the White House. His ice cream was a favorite then, and it’s still a favorite to this day. The variety of classic flavors will please everyone.

Dolci Gelati

Located in the heart of Old Town, Dolci Gelati serves up gelato made from an authentic Italian family recipe. The desserts are lovingly crafted with local ingredients and a few exotic flavors to keep things interesting. Fans also rave about the delicious, locally roasted coffee and cold brew at Dolci Gelati. 

We’re hitting the peak of summer here in Alexandria, so make sure you check out one of these ice cream or gelato shops near our apartments. If you’d like to live in this vibrant community, contact us today.

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