Refuel at Local Coffee and Breakfast Joints in Kingstowne

a yellow cup under espresso machine | coffee shops near Kingstowne

Beat your early morning grogginess with an energizing drink from a local coffee shop. You can grab a carefully crafted latte made with quality espresso and a bite to eat. Thankfully, the area surrounding our apartments in Kingstowne, VA is rich with locally owned cafes and breakfast spots so you can always start your day on a positive note.

Grounded Coffee Shop

Experience an authentic French bakery at Grounded Coffee Shop. Co-owners Sebastian and Carla provide top-notch bakery items, espresso drinks, hand-crafted sandwiches, and more. What’s more, they use fair trade, organic coffee in all their espresso products. In addition, staff does all the baking in-house every day. The shop is open seven days a week. Be sure to visit often to sample the seasonal Chef’s Special sandwiches as they rotate. You will always find something new to love.


With two locations in the area, Senberry is a popular locally owned breakfast spot. It offers an extensive coffee and espresso menu for your morning or afternoon fix. It also has a wide selection of fruit teas and lemonades to quench your thirst. Of course, the crowning jewel of the food menu is the acai smoothie bowl, perfect for any morning. Their wide selection of exotic fruits and toppings means there are endless possibilities for unique combinations. If you have trouble making up your mind, there are many specialty bowls to choose from, crafted for maximum flavor. Be sure to try out their coveted pitaya (also known as dragon fruit) bowl.

Veronica’s Cafe and Bakery

For a taste of Latin America, visit Veronica’s Cafe and Bakery. This hidden gem in Alexandria serves a variety of pastries, breads, and cakes from Salvadorian, Mexican, and Honduran cuisine. You’ll also find a breakfast menu inspired by Central and South American cultures. They also offer coffee drinks made with Colombia-sourced coffee. Not only is it a prime breakfast location for those looking to find somewhere off the beaten path, but Veronica’s also serves lunch and dinner. Best of all, the bakery section is open all day. Find your new favorite pan dulces when you stop in.

Now that breakfast spots are taken care of, try out some local outdoor activities such as disc golf. For more fun activities and restaurants to visit, check out the rest of our blog. If you have any questions about our apartments for rent in Kingstowne, VA, be sure to contact us. We’d love to take you on a tour!

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