3 Kingstowne Artisan Bakeries that Deliver

Kingstowne Artisan Bakeries

Freshly-baked bread is one of the ultimate comfort foods as well as the base for so many delicious meals. The Elms at Kingstowne is close to artisan bakeries that offer wholesome bread prepared from scratch in many flavors. Enjoy the very best in locally-made bread from top bakeries that deliver to our apartments in Kingstowne, VA. 

Bread and Water Company 

Get back to basics with local ingredients, simple preparation, and fresh flavors. This gourmet bakery is all about making “Real, Legit Food.” It bakes amazing fresh bread every morning. Bread and Water Company has six loaves to choose from such as Ciabatta and Multigrain. In addition, its Black Bread is made from dark rye flour and packs a serious nutritional punch. You can order online for curbside pickup or make an order for home delivery using the Postmates app. 

Best Buns Bread Co

Bring home a golden brown, authentically crusty French baguette. You can also pick up a loaf of Brioche or decadent Poblano Cheddar bread made with roasted Poblano peppers. Every loaf at Best Buns Bread Co is prepared from scratch, hand-formed, and baked to perfection in the hearth. Call ahead for convenient curbside pickup at the Arlington store or make an order for home delivery on the DoorDash app. 

Great Harvest Bread Company

The bakers at Great Harvest Bread Company begin each morning by grinding premium Montana wheat into fresh flour. What’s more, this network of artisan bakeries relies on old-fashioned methods and quality ingredients to produce an amazing loaf of bread every time. Enjoy flavors such as High 5 Fiber, with honey, oat bran, flax seeds, and millet. You can also try Rustic Sourdough, Pumpkin Spice, and Challah. Call Great Harvest Bread Company’s Alexandria store to make an order for curbside pickup. 

You can find anything from fresh bread at Kingstowne artisan bakeries to gourmet popcorn not far from your apartment. Contact us to learn more about living in the Elms at Kingstowne. 

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