Explore Manassas National Battlefield Park Near Kingstowne

woman online touring Manassas National Battle Park

Virginia is an important place in American history. The Battle of First Manassas of July 21, 1861, was the first major land battle of the Civil War. A year later, another clash of Union and Confederate forces took place there. Today, that area is Manassas National Battlefield Park, just a 40-minute drive from our apartments in Kingstowne. You can explore Manassas National Battlefield Park near Kingstowne both online and in person.


Follow the steps of revolutionary leaders and military generals from both sides of the war through a series of YouTube videos. In these videos, you can watch live reenactments of the battles, as well as learn more about the history of the area. You can also learn about the artillery and other military technology that existed during that period. 

Virtual Tour

Explore the main park attractions from home through virtual tours. Learn about Stone House, where union troops sheltered wounded soldiers. When the building fell to the confederate army, it was used to headquarter patrols. The union army retook it during the Second Battle of Bull Run, and it once again became a makeshift hospital. 


If you’d like to spend more time outdoors, take a drive to the park. Be sure to check out social distancing guidelines before you visit, and bring a mask. Once there, the park has more than 40 miles of hiking trails to explore. The First Manassas Trail goes from the visitor center to the site of the historic clash of armies. The full trail is 5.4 miles. Or, for a shorter trek, check out the 1 mile Chinn Ridge Trail.

Manassas National Battlefield Park near Kingstowne is an excellent way to learn more about the history of the area. For more ways to explore Kingstowne, check out this nearby drive-in theater. For more information on our luxury apartments, contact us today.

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