Take a Virtual Tour of Kingstowne’s Kreeger Museum

couple touring the Kreeger Museum online

For an inside look at great works of art, don’t miss a virtual tour of Kingstowne’s Kreeger Museum. This museum is the result of a lifetime of art collection by David and Carmen Kreeger. In collecting, they focused on works of art they felt passionate about buying and amassed an impressive collection that everyone can enjoy. Now, if you can’t visit in person, the museum offers virtual tours. Plus, there are great online extras like artists’ talks that you can watch. So, check out this museum right from our Kingstowne apartments:

Sam Gillam 

Join curator Danielle O’Steen as she takes an in-depth look at Sam Gillam’s Cape. Gillam painted this acrylic on canvas in 1969. Internationally renowned for his large color stained canvases, Gillam gained recognition as the foremost contemporary African American field painter. This video gives an in-depth look at this great painter. Also, you can see many of his other works that live at the museum.

Flame of Friendship

People often visit Kreeger Museum for its sculpture garden. For a closer look at this area, check out Flame of Friendship. This unique stainless steel piece stands 20 feet tall and weighs 3,700 pounds. It reflects movement and symbolizes harmony. This piece was created by Leonardo Nierman, a Mexican abstract artist. When sculpting, he takes inspiration from nature and classical music. Additionally, his sculptures can be found in museums across North America. 

Studio with Black Vase

Painted by Georges Braque, Studio with Black Vase is an oil on canvas painted in 1938. It features zig-zagging forms, and his “incandescent yellow and oily blacks evoke the sticky illumination behind a blackout curtain.” Braque was born in 1882. He focused on painting at a young age and was best known as the founder of Cubism. Also, during his time, his work became criticized for a lack of politics. But today, curators around the world collect and treasure his art.

As you enjoy your tour of Kingstowne’s Kreeger Museum, try lobster rolls from a Kingstowne restaurant. If you would like to call The Elms at Kingstowne home, please contact us. We love to show all our apartments have to offer. 

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