The Best Yoga Apps for a Fun Home Workout

Practicing yoga

Yoga is an excellent practice for body and mind. It has been around for over 5,000 years! You can benefit from yoga without even leaving home with these great yoga apps. They offer a fun way to stay in shape from the comfort of our upscale apartments in Alexandria, VA. If this sounds good to you, the best apps include:

Daily Yoga 

Enjoyed by fifty million yogis, Daily Yoga offers beginner-friendly tutorials to help you find a different and better self in just two weeks. It boasts the biggest worldwide yoga community. The app offers over 100 classes and keeps records of all of your workouts so you can easily chart your progress. Sessions include Beginner to Master, Quick Yoga Fix, and Just for Women. 


With the largest yoga library in the app store, it is no wonder that Lotus is popular among beginners and seasoned yogis alike. It features over 450 poses with illustrations, safety notes, and a description of benefits. They are easily found by name, level, and focus. To get the most out of your workout, you can create your own sequences, or try those created by practitioners with years of experience. The classes help improve strength, stamina, and flexibility. For the best results, you can watch them on your iPhone, iPad, or television. 

Asana Rebel 

Asana Rebel is a yoga and fitness app dedicated to helping everyone get in shape. It offers hundreds of workouts and quizzes to keep your mind sharp. Try a course like Yoga Foundations. As your first step to becoming a yoga master, it will teach you the moves needed for a perfect vinyasa.

Yoga apps are a great way to stay fit and happy at home. If you’re looking for more to do around the house, check out these great comedy podcasts. If you are searching for a place to call home, please contact us for more information about us.

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